Yoga can help to improve male sexual performance

A lot of men are affected by a precarious sexual performance, but they do not like to talk about it, and many of them passing through the fourth or fifth decade of their lives are very concerned about their sexual performance. An unhealthy lifestyle and the inability of having a steady erection to delay ejaculation are ingredients for a permanent sorrow and then the vicious circle grows. Teachers and practitioners of Yoga have created a method with which men affected by a poor sexual performance can enhance their physical and emotional health receiving as a bonus the enhancement of their sexual life.

As a philosophy of life, Yoga promotes the union of physical, mental and spiritual vehicles; therefore the individual who learns to identify emotions is linked to his mind and develops his spirit explains a teacher for Yoga. This discipline has many exercises oriented to promote the balance, health and welfare of human being in an integral way since our health starts to deteriorate from the fourth decade of our lives due to the increment of responsibilities and pressures in the family and work scopes.

Throughout physical and meditation exercises and the promotion of better nutritional habits, men who become part of the program in a disciplined manner will be able to see results in about three months of work. Yoga and every discipline which tends to favor a peaceful state of mind or tranquility in general are good to enhance sexual performance says an expert sexologist.

In fact some sexual therapies include on their routines some breathing and relaxing exercises to encourage the patients to get in touch with their feelings and emotions, since scientific studies have proven that tranquility is one of the four elements most important for a proper sexual performance. The other three are a good hormonal state, which in the case of men is possible with enough quantity of androgens since they are responsible for activating sexual desire; a good blood irrigation on the pelvic zone and a healthy nervous system.

Recognize and talk about sexual problems is still difficult for men, therefore it is important to count with a personalized and confidential assistance in order to proceed with the treatment. Male sexual life is affected by many factors such as:

  • Stress: 45%;
  • Problems with the partner: 36%;
  • Deficient health state: 28%;
  • Anxiety and fear of not meeting the expectations of the partner: 25%;
  • Unemployment: 13%;
  • Problems with children: 12%.

Also should be considered that Yoga may be a wonderful help to ease some conditions that are worsening the situation of a bad sexual performance, but if the other different negative factors that have incidence over sexuality are not solved, the recovery will not last. First thing that is very important on a couple is the support that one partner can provide to the other partner especially on this kind of situation, some things are better solved by both members.

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