Women prefer more thickness

Is the size of penis really important? Men turned out to be the most concerned about penis size than women according to an investigation published on an important urology magazine, women turned out to be more interested on the personality of their partner rather than the size of the penis. A man feels more self confident if he believes that he is well proportionate, but women do not always agree with the asseveration that says that the larger the size of the penis the more pleasurable sex is.

A Britannic study also reveals that eighty five percent of women are pleased with the size of the penis of their partners, but fifty five percent of men felt uneasy because of the concerns related to the size of their penis.

Another study reveals that about ninety percent of women prefer a wide penis instead of a long penis. A several polls emphasize that the issue of male attractive is very complex since the size of male sexual organ is not the most important factor for women. An investigation based on a study of sixty five years old reveal that men with a penis of an average size are the most prone to suffer the syndrome of small penis and some of them have used weights on their genitals or even have had their genitals bitten by a snake in order to make them grow.

Men can present too much anxiety related to the size of their penis. Professional sexologist claim that only men feels better and more self confident if the size of his penis is inside his expectations while a woman does not give too much significance to the size of the penis of her partner.

Syndrome of small penis

As it has been said before, this syndrome is very common among men who have a penis with an average size. Those who have a small and flaccid micro-penis with a length less than two centimeters do not seem to be affected by this syndrome.

Investigators trying to define the source for the syndrome of small penis made studies that revealed that sixty three percent of men pointed out the typical comparisons made from early ages as responsible for the anxiety produced by the size of penis and a thirty percent of them blamed the erotic images seen during adolescence.

Average size

Over 11,531 male genitals were measured in order to discover the average size for penis; results revealed that an erect penis has a size in average of 5.5 to 6.2 inches (14 to 16 centimeters) of length and a girth of 4.7 to 5.1 inches (12 to 13 centimeters). Another study revealed that in average gay men have bigger penis than heterosexual men, the authors of this analysis suggest as a probable cause the exposition of the fetus to high concentrations of male hormones inside the uterus. In respect to the differences of size among men of different races no relevant results were found.

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