Women express a view about penis size

There has been made a poll during two months on which 1,000 women gave their opinions openly and anonymously about penis size. Any woman that has been asked about her preferences regarding the size of the penis replied something like this: “an average size is fine, not too big, not too small”, but an answer like that is too ambiguous to make an analytic study of female sexual preference, therefore a clearer answer would be to ask them with specific measures which size of penis they would prefer.

Results taken from the poll revealed the following:

  • Small penis: less than 14 centimeters of length and less than 3 centimeters of girth – punctuation obtained: 0;
  • Average penis: 14 centimeters of length and about 3 centimeters of girth – punctuation obtained: 144;
  • Big penis: with a length greater than 14 centimeters and a girth greater than 3 centimeters – punctuation obtained: 717

Amazing, right? Zero points for smaller sizes.

What is clear is that penis size is the gaudiest attribute of penis among female population. Sixty percent of inquired women have asseverated that penis measures while it is erect is the first thing that call their attention, while just thirty one percent of inquired women considered just of an average importance the size of penis while it is erect, and just a nine percent considers the size almost without any value at all. These results may back up the general opinion among men that penis size is fundamental.

The previous results led to another question: Would a woman feel attracted to some kind of erotic and visual game? The reply for this question was a forthright YES. It is natural for women to prefer a big penis erect to enjoy pleasurable erotic view, therefore seventy two percent of inquired women agreed with this point of view, while only twenty six percent of them prefer an average sized penis.

Although a big penis is preferred by the majority of the population, it implies a troublesome. A big penis is not a guaranty for being the best lover or for providing more pleasure. Regarding this situation, many women have expressed their opinions about their preferences for fellation. Sixty five percent of inquired women prefer an average sized penis while only twenty six percent of them prefer a big penis and just nine percent of them prefer a man with a small penis. The nuisance produced by a big penis during fellation is clear with these results, let’s think for instance on a very deep fellation. This is not a meaningless situation since fifty nine percent of women consider fellation a very important part of their sexual life.

Following the same argument, women were inquired about their preferences for vaginal penetration. Seventy one percent of them claimed that vaginal penetration is probably the most pleasurable practice for them; sixteen percent of them think that vaginal penetration has just a regular significance and thirteen percent of them give vaginal penetration a very few importance.

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