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Vimax Volume provides a natural and efficient way to increase male fertility since it increases the volume of semen; in addition a higher volume of semen is capable of providing more durable, pleasant and powerful orgasms. Low volume of sperm constitutes a problem that affects many couples, and becomes a big issue when they are trying to conceive a baby because the man does not have enough sperm to fertilize the ovule. Statistics have shown that half of the couples cannot conceive due to male infertility. A medical exam which can help to determine the amount of sperm produced is the sperm counting; it is done to determine the amount of sperm contained on one ejaculation.

A normal ejaculation should contain from twenty millions to one hundred and fifty millions of sperm for millimeter. If a man has less than twenty millions on one ejaculation, then the counting is considered as low, and that is precisely the main cause for male infertility. There are many factors which can trigger the production of low amounts of sperm; one of them can involve problems with the prostate which is the organ in charge of the production of semen which transports the sperm.

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Smoking also has a negative incidence on the production and motility of sperm due to the toxins contained on the cigarette, studies have also shown that men with the habit of smoking used to have less sexual activity that those who didn’t smoke. Regarding the diet, there are certain chemical elements which also have negative incidence over the production of sperm, for instance the excessive intake of alcohol can produce an adverse effect over the production and quality of sperms.

It has been found that high body temperatures promote the decrement of the production of sperm, therefore if you are being affected by this issue then you should avoid sauna, Jacuzzis and the exposition to hot weather, tight underwear can also increment the temperature of testicles decreasing the production of sperm. There are also infections on the reproductive system which can decrease the production of sperm; these can include epididymal infections, infections on the prostate or infections on the testicles; a viral infection on the testicles can generate important damages on them producing an absolute and permanent infertility.

There are also organic causes for a low volume of sperm, being one of them the production of antibodies on the organism which attack the sperms; this is an abnormal response of the immune system; this condition is very common on men who have had a vasectomy reversal, this condition can also be caused by an infection, a lesion or other problems. Another organic cause for the low production of sperm is the Klinefelter syndrome.

In some of the mentioned cases the issue of low production of sperm can be corrected by just changing some habits, in those cases on which that is not possible, Vimax Volume can provide you an effective solution to increment naturally the production of sperm.

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