Vimax Volume Ingredients

Vimax Volume constitutes an effective and safe method to maintain your reproductive system in optimal conditions of performance. The main goal of each ingredient of Vimax Volume is to enhance every aspect of your sexual life to make it more durable and filled with pleasure. Therefore, on Vimax Volume you have a medical product of high quality which improves the quality of sperm, which provides you more power and fertility and which enhances the motility of sperms.


This is the name given to a variety of the fungus Ganoderma lucidum. It has a worldwide distribution in both tropical and temperate regions although it can be commonly found at the north of the eastern woodlands. The Lingzhi has important anticancer and antitumor properties, lately these properties have been confirmed on the results revealed by medical studies, its use is recommended in combination with other prescribed treatments to fight cancer.

The Lingzhi has been employed during more than four thousand years in ancient China for herbal medicine. The alcoholic extracts of this herb have many medicinal effects including antiviral effects which have been confirmed on a wide variety of medical studies. Scientifically the extracts of this herb can be more effective than the infusion for many conditions; however Chinese medicine keeps using the teas of this herb. The word Lingzhi in Chinese means “herb of spiritual power” and it has been also described as the fungus of immortality.

Fucus vesiculosus

This is a type of marine alga which can be found the coasts of Pacific and Atlantic oceans. This is a very important source of iodine which used to treat goiter, a disease that affects the thyroid due to the deficiency of iodine. It has been also found that the Fucus vesiculosus can stop obesity by incrementing the basal metabolism; therefore it has been added to the supplements recommended to fight overweight.

The Fucus vesiculosus is very well known for its properties which combat cellulites and obesity. This alga contains essential oils as many nutrients such as vitamin B1, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C, it also has small amounts of B12 which makes this alga an excellent nutritional and revitalizing supplement, in addition to iodine it also contains a wide variety of minerals such as magnesium, sodium, manganese, fucose, potassium, iron, bromine, chlorine, phosphorous, silicon and sulfur. This alga is the perfect complement for diets recommended to lose weight, since its mucilages fill the stomach providing a satiety sensation. Basically this alga promotes the health of the thyroid gland and it is also employed to combat high levels of bad cholesterol.


This component regulates the hyperglycemia, treats the thyroid dysfunction and all the side effects produced by diabetes. It is also employed to treat cancer and to maintain tissues and cells of penis healthy.

San guo mu

Clinical studies have proven that San guo mu is effective increasing the volume of semen, this herb works regulating blood pressure and increasing blood flow toward the penis.

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