Vimax Patch Ingredients

Panax Ginseng

This herb works as vasomotor stimulant and a stimulant of the nervous system; in addition it is employed to combat general weakness. Russian science men have found that ginseng stimulates both mental activity as physical activity, and it has a positive effect over the sexual glands. This herb has wide variety of pharmaceutical properties as an anabolic steroid. It can be used to ease the effects of stress which is very useful to promote an optimal mental state for sexual intercourse; it is also employed as a revitalizing tonic and to combat anemia. It is employed against male impotence since it normalizes blood pressure. The ginseng has rejuvenating properties and promotes the development of nervous tissue. It is believed that the Panax Ginseng has aphrodisiac properties, and it has a key element known as ginsenoside which modifies the blood flow and redirects it to the brain and penis. It has the tendency of promoting the production of sperm. The dose of this herb contained on Vimax Patch has been clinically formulated only to produce the desired effects, since an overdose of this herb would produce side effects like permanent erections.

Gutu Kola

This herb is very popular for the wide variety of medicinal properties it has. The extract of the fresh plant of Gotu Kola have antioxidant, contraceptive and psychoneurological properties. This herb has a longevity factor for the brain and endocrine glands; the extract of this herb promotes an optimal blood flow which is very useful to promote a quality erectile performance. The Gotu Kola promotes a healthy state by combating obesity and cellulites, and it helps to prevent liquid retention on cells and tissues. This plant also promotes mental health and prevents the emergence of venous disorders such as venous hypertension.

Saw Palmetto

This herb is well known for stimulating the sexual desire on men and for increasing sexual stamina and energy. A cocktail of Saw Palmetto has important aphrodisiac effects. It is employed to treat prostatic hypertrophy and the symptoms associated to this condition. It is also recommended as a supporting treatment for prostatitis. The Saw Palmetto is highly recommended as an aphrodisiac. Many studies made on Europe show that Saw Palmetto is very effective on the treatment of prostate diseases while at the same time it helps to increase libido and to improve sexual performance.


This herb is also known as Turnera diffusa and it is very popular in Mexico, it is known as Mexican tea. It has been that this herb contains important aphrodisiac and stimulant properties. T also works as a smooth laxative. The damiana has important properties that make it a useful tonic for the nervous system with similar properties to the strychnine but without the negative effects associated to toxins. Clinical studies have revealed that Damiana is very effective combating different types of male sexual impotence, since it has an important incidence over the spinal centers stimulating in this way important reflexes as erection and ejaculation.

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