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Vimax Extender is a device which has been designed to promote penis enlargement with permanent results, it has been clinically tested and it has been especially designed to increase the length, size and thickness of penis. Vimax Extender also helps to correct an issue that has been bothering a lot of men around the world known as penile curvature.

Penile curvature is normally produced during the adolescence of a man. Most of men place the penis in the area considered as most comfortable, during the night the individual experiences many involuntary erections which fulfill the corpora cavernosa with blood, therefore the resistance produced by the underwear forces the penis to remain in one position (left, right or downwards) which in time is adopted permanently. On the other hand, there are also cases where penile curvature emerges as a result of a congenital twist.

The truth is...

Thousands of men feel embarrassment due to the presence of this curvature, and it tends to decrease their self esteem at the time of having sexual intercourse, they consider this curvature aesthetically unpleasant and they are concerned about the female opinion of this problem. However there is a variation of this penile curvature which involves much more than just embarrassment, since it can completely prevent the individual from having a pleasurable sexual intercourse. This variation is known as Peyronie disease, this one constitutes a more severe curvature on the penis which interferes with sexual performance causing a lot of pain. The Peyronie curvature normally emerges as a result of a lesion on the penis which can happen during sexual intercourse or due to an accident.

On every case, penile curvature constitutes a great obstacle for a man who really wants to enjoy sexual intercourse, and Vimax Extender has been designed to provide an effective solution for this issue without having to resort to painful treatments like surgical procedures. Vimax Extender is much more effective to correct penile curvature than any pill or patch.

When you acquire your pack of Vimax Extender, you also receive a manual with detailed instructions of how it should be employed to promote the enlargement of your penis or to correct penile curvatures. It is very important that you follow the instructions accurately in order to obtain the best results of the device. The tests made on clinical studies revealed that best results were achieved with Vimax Extender when it has been used for twelve hours on a daily basis, on the course of eight to twenty four weeks.

To obtain the best results it is recommended for you to use Vimax Extender for a period of three to six weeks, for a better treatment you will need to use the Vimax Extender device for a longer period of time. You will have to use it regularly for at least six to nine months for eight hours every day. Just follow the instructions, the Vimax Extender device can be easily carried and you do not need to do any additional exercise.

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