Statistics and surveys about penis size

Recently studies have been made with the purpose of defining the average measures for penis, over 3100 results were clinically analyzed taken from young and grown up men. These results have revealed that the average length for an erect penis, measured along above the tip of the penis to the abdomen, was of 16.3 centimeters with a standard deviation of 3 centimeters.

The average circumference in the wider point, without considering if it was the head, trunk or base of the penis was of 12.7 centimeters with a standard deviation of 2.5 centimeters. Definitely there is a very few or no relation at all between a flaccid penis and its capacity of assuming a "normal" size while it is erect. The study results reveal that a penis with a length of less than 7.5 centimeters in flaccid state increases in size at least two hundred and sixty percent during erection, while a penis with a length greater than 7.5 centimeters on flaccid state increases in size only one hundred and sixty five percent during erection. It means on practice that most of the penises have a length between 13 and 15 centimeters while they are erect.

It fits perfectly well with the information provided by a study made by condom manufacturers; the study made by them gave results that were basically the same. Besides, the study reveals that the wider part of the penis is the coronal ridge that surrounds the glans of the penis for at least forty two percent of men, the wider part is placed in some part of the trunk for about twenty seven percent of men, and for twelve percent of men the wider part of the penis is placed around the base of it. Almost fourteen percent of inquired men said that his penis had the same diameter in its entire extension.

The most interesting results are those that display how many men fall on each category, here are the results of a study made on U.S.A. with college males where you will find results for penis length and girth:

Length of penis erect
Size* (cm)
Less than 5,00
5,00 a 7,50
7,50 a 10,00
10,00 a 12,50
12,50 a 15,00
15,00 a 17,50
17,50 a 20,00
More than 20,00
Erect penis girth
Size* (cm)
8,75 a 10,00
10,00 a 11,25
11,25 a 12,50
12,50 a 13,75
13,75 a 15,00
15,00 a 16,25
More than 16,25
Flaccid penis length
Size* (cm)
Less than 2,50
2,50 a 5,00
5,00 a 7,50
7,50 a 10,00
10,00 a 12,50
12,50 a 15,00
15,00 a 17,50
More than 17,50

*Circumference was measured halfway along the trunk
*Girth measured at the thickest part of the trunk

There are many surveys that ask individuals about the size of their penis but they are unable to determine the feeling concerning to penis size. The fact is that a very small penis is not as common as we think; a penis with a length of less than 10 centimeters while it is erect is mostly a consequence of a genetic or physiological issue.

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