Some methods to enhance male sexual performance

On natural and wild life sex exists for reproduction, which is achieved by means of sending sperms to the vagina without considering the time for the delivery or if the other person is sexually satisfied. Primates such as chimps and monkeys generally ejaculate in just a few seconds. For humans sex is a way to express love, build intimacy, having fun, having communication and express the virility or femininity of the members of the couple.

Luckily the ability of lasting long time in bed is a learned behavior, just like dancing. And for the majority it is not possible to learn from one day to another, therefore patience will be required. Men who are sexually inexperienced haven’t learned to recognize the sensation which precedes the ejaculation inside a woman. To recognize and deal with this sensation comes with the experience and it has to be considered that it is not the amount of sex what matters but the amount of learning and training. Learn to control the penis and take responsibility for ejaculation are the keys for success.

The first thing you should know and remember is that the good sex is a peaceful sex. As long as you spare more time on previous sexual games before sexual intercourse, the more pleasant the first orgasm will be. The compaction of blood inside the genitals is built very slowly blowing tissues and sensitizing the millions of nerve endings that surround the genitals.

Sexual intercourse can be divided in three stages:

  • Stage 1: Previous games. While you are being awake sexually, your penis will start to harden. This stage of previous games involves a lot of mutual touching especially on erogenous areas from each partner. During this stage you will feel the pressure that starts to form in the base of the penis;
  • Stage 2: Penetration. At this point you penetrate the vagina of your partner, this stage should be enjoyed by you and your partner, if you finish too fast you will be jumping from stage one directly to stage three and you would be messing the best part of sex, the main reason why you would be unable to stay long enough on this stage is because you haven’t learned to control your penis yet;
  • Stage 3: A point of no return. Once you reach this part, doesn’t matter what you do you won’t be able to control your ejaculation, which is great if you and your partner have had enough time to enjoy stage 2.

There are many factors that can have great incidence on the fact that a man cannot stay long enough on stage 2:

  • Age. Age is proportional to speed; a young man will finish faster;
  • Sexual arousal. The more excited is a man (with a new partner or with a partner highly desirable), more probabilities for a fast ejaculation.
  • Abstinence Periods. It also has a great incidence on the speed of ejaculation.

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