Revive the fire in your sexual life

Because of the daily routine after a while sexual relations tend to lose their attractive, members of the couple are too acclimated to each other and due to this lack of freshness it is hard to enjoy a passionate relationship. Here you will find some advises of how to restore the passion to your relationship.

  • Put aside your worries; concerns are the worst enemies of a couple, many unsolved issues related with daily activities remain among the thoughts of each member of the couple, therefore during the intimate act none of them is able to concentrate adequately on the moment, if these concerns are too stressing they could have a negative incidence over the erectile function of a man. What is recommended in these cases is to choose a couple activity like some kind of erotic games to be warming up and leaving behind any annoying concern, music, wine and candles will create the proper environment.
  • Go back in time; on the majority of relationships the first days are the most exciting since couple members are unable to stop touching each other. But as it is well known that stage does not lasts forever and occasionally sex life of the sex life of the couple is stabilized for better or worse. Experts on sexual therapy often encourage couples to remember their relations on the very first stages, how love and passion used to be, and what used to be more exciting for them. Therapists also encourage them to recreate their first sexual experiences.
  • Fun in the sun; the lack of light can have a negative incidence on sexual arousal since it can decrease sexual desire. Light affects the pineal gland inside the brain which plays an important role on sexual performance in some people. Therefore it can be helpful for your sexual performance to spend some time in the sun. A good strategy for increasing sexual arousal in the couple would be planning some vacations on the beach. Also you can have some walk after lunch to enjoy the sunlight.
  • Restate contraception; contraception can be obstacle for a passionate relationship for many reasons. For instance barrier methods can break off spontaneity. Also if you don’t find a method with which you feel comfortable you may be tempted to do have sex without protection which could trigger concerns about an accidental pregnancy. All of these issues can become an impediment for enjoying sexual relations. It has been also proven that contraceptive pills can also decrease the libido on some women. In fact many women who are using this contraceptive method claim to have a wave of sexual desire during the week on which they stop the intake of white pills. To solve this problem you can look for some information about triphasic pills or those with a higher male hormone activity or you can look for medical advice on the subject of alternatives for contraception to get a positive change.

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