Psychological disorders due to premature ejaculation

Without a doubt, sex plays a very important role in our lives. It is a significant part of personal and relational happiness. Being unable of satisfy the sexual needs of the partner is one of the most common causes for breaking up and infidelity these days, so there is no need to specify the reasons why is so important for a couple to have a healthy sexual life.

Nevertheless, there are disorders that hinder a pleasurable relation for the couple; many of these disorders are serious concern for men such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Today even TV shows like “Sex and the City” talk openly about these issues, which makes even harder to pretend that they are not there. Today women are sexually liberated and they are claiming for positive results.

Physical and psychological symptoms for premature ejaculation

Physical symptoms and signs perceived by an individual with premature ejaculation before during and after sexual intercourse are varied. If you are affected by this condition you will recognize these symptoms immediately:

  • Before sexual intercourse - heart rate is increased (The heart beats rapidly and deeply sometimes with a varied rhythm), sweat on hands and generalized anxiety, respiratory deficiency caused by short breaths shallow and spaced. The idea of failure takes control of the mind increasing anxiety and in some cases causing ejaculation just before penetrating the vagina;
  • During sexual intercourse - those that are affected by a milder degree of premature ejaculation and are capable of staying on the plaqueau for some minutes will notice a high heart rate, buttocks will feel tense and testicles will be too close and upper than the normal almost attached at the base of the penis (many people haven’t ever noticed these symptoms, during a masturbatory practice would be a good time to pay attention to these symptoms);
  • After sexual intercourse - after the moment has passed comes the worst part since you will have to face another sexual failure which will turn the next experience in one even worse entering into a vicious circle which will just worsen the situation with the pass of time.

Your partner will also be affected by premature ejaculation

After a long period of sexual dissatisfaction, the sentimental relationship starts suffering the consequences until there is no other choice but a break up, this is reality. A break up is specially difficult for the individual that is affected by this premature ejaculation since he already knows that this problem will follow him ‘till the next relationship and so on, therefore the individual suffers thinking that his ex partner will be enjoying sex with another man.

Emotional consequences of premature ejaculation

Emotional consequences for an individual affected by premature ejaculation are psychologically and emotionally devastating. Men affected by this type of sexual dysfunction can even loss their self confidence completely and get to feel “impotent” and “useless” since they are incapable of maintaining a healthy sexual relationship. Professional help will be required.

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