Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy page has been created to specify the way we collect data about our visitors. Different types of data we collect have the sole purpose of providing you better experience when you visit again. This page should be read before you are engaging in some of our programs, including our partners programs.

The type of information we save

The only place where we collect personal information is on our Contact page. This information is given voluntary and it could not be saved without your consent. Personal information, in our case name, location and telephone number is required if you need assistance, in order to validate your request. This contact form is optional. We do not save data for a long time and we will definitely not sell your name, location or phone number to any third party.

We also use cookies. These are required to track our visitors activity and we do keep a log of our traffic to provide better experience to our users in the future. These cookies are small text files, not meant to detect any other personal information about you. We do not sell them to third parties, nor make them public. If you do not agree with cookies, you could disable them in your browser.

Please keep in mind that this page could be modified without notice. We advise everyone visiting our site to check our disclaimers first. If you do not agree with this information or the subsequent changes within, feel free to exit our website right now.