Premature ejaculation: a big problem

Premature ejaculation takes place when in a persistent way the ejaculation and orgasm happen before or right at the moment of penetration against the will of the individual. This problem is very frequent and affects both members of the couple. A primary premature ejaculation takes place when the problem occurs during the first sexual relations. In a simple way premature ejaculation can be defined as an early ejaculation before any member of the couple is ready for it, consequently it can become a trigger for many issues on the couple.

Premature ejaculation is a very common problem among men. Most men will have this problem without having to take care of it. Premature ejaculation becomes a problem when it happens on the majority of sexual relations. Statistical studies have revealed that this problem affects at least thirty percent of male population, but there is fear and shame at the moment of having a doctor’s appointment.

Premature ejaculation has no specific age, it can happen at any stage of the life of a man, although its incidence is higher on young men. This issue is related with the novelty of the sexual experience (a new partner or a new situation).

According to clinical studies, premature ejaculation can be responsible for:

  • Loss of self esteem;
  • Anxiety on the man and his partner;
  • Pour satisfaction on sexual life;
  • Low level of satisfaction in the relation with the partner.

Besides, the man affected by premature ejaculation is so concern trying to control his ejaculation that he is unable to enjoy the experience at maximum level. The repercussion on a woman can be manifested as a decrement on pleasure and an incapacity for having an orgasm. A recent study leads to the conclusion that there is a strong association between premature ejaculation on a man and the sexual dysfunction in the couple.

All of these factors produce a great emotional impact and a persistent premature ejaculation has negative effects over the sexual performance, both on man and on the couple. It is strongly recommended to look for medical advice immediately with a qualified health professional in order to find a solution for this condition before it generates more problems on the couple relationship.

In most of the cases the cause for this condition is unknown; there can be found psychological and physical problems which can lead to premature ejaculation. The majority of men experience fast ejaculations on their first sexual experiences. Normally the individual learns to control the speed for ejaculation as his sexual experience increases and as he gains self confidence. The main psychological causes for premature ejaculation are anxiety, a learning difficulty, guilt and fear of not being a good lover. Each negative feeling increases in intensity with each failure therefore more anxiety and frustration feelings are produced.

Aside from that, there can be physical causes too for premature ejaculation, such as drug intake, chronic prostatitis, neurological diseases or thyroid problems. Professional advice is highly recommended.

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