Penis size matters

Doesn’t matter how many times have been say the words: “it is not what you have but how you use it what matters”. Every guy wants to know for certain which the real importance of penis size is. Some men are born with a condition known as micro-penis on which there is almost no penis, in cases like that the life a man can be seriously affected by size concerns. Penis size is a concern among men from very early ages, and this is the opinion of professional sexual therapists. A grown up penis size on a limpness state has a length of about seven centimeters. During the erection the length of the penis can become the double or triple of the normal length depending on many factors, therefore a penis erect can reach a length up to eleven or fourteen centimeters.

A curiosity would be that a small penis can grow even more than a big penis in a state of erection. For instance a penis of four centimeters of length during limpness state can even reach twelve centimeters of length while it is erect. A penis with a length of less than two centimeters is considered as a micro-penis, but fortunately this condition is not very common.

One of the strongest beliefs among men and women is that a bigger penis can provide more pleasure during sexual intercourse. But a sexologist claims that it is not necessarily true since vagina tissue is very flexible so it can adjust to any size of penis without difficulties leading to a pleasurable sexual intercourse. Therefore, measures do not have a real meaning on practice, on the contrary, a very big penis may produce more pain that pleasure to the woman. When a man has a very big penis he must handle the situation gently since many positions are difficult to use because they could be painful for the woman during the penetration. The obsession with penis size from this point of view is rather a cultural thing.

During childhood and adolescence, when kids take showers naked on boarding schools for instance, they tend to compare themselves with other kids, which is a clear effect of society belief that penis is a very important symbol of masculinity, no one would ever think to compare the size of arms or legs with other people’s measures, but in the case of penis the difference is made by the symbology that surrounds it.

Sexologists express a view, they say that independently from the size of the penises on flaccid state, their size tend to be the same at the time of having an erection, which means that there is no small or big penis at the time of erection. Another factor the influences on the elasticity of penis tissue is the environment temperature, the same penis may not reach the same dimensions while is erect on cold weather as in hot weather. In any case penis size is always important for men.

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