Metabolic syndrome also known with many other names such as X Syndrome is a group of different diseases or risk factors found on the same individual which increase the probabilities for a cardiovascular disease. These diseases are:

  • Hypertension;
  • Increment of sugar levels on the blood on an empty stomach which can also be an indicator of diabetes;
  • High levels of triglycerides in blood, which are a type of fat;
  • Low levels of HDL on blood;
  • Excess of fat around the waist.

According to statistics, about twenty five percent of the population aged over twenty years, are affected by Metabolic Syndrome. Some time ago the risk group used to comprise people around fifty years of age, but in recent years the risk group of risk has approached to the age of thirty five years, this is due to the fact that people tends to acquire harmful health habits such as toxic diets and sedentary habits from a very young age.

Physicians haven’t found a specific cause for this disease, its pathophysiology is very complex and just a part of it has been understood. Most of patients are considerably older, are obese, sedentary and have some resistance against insulin. The resistance against insulin plays an important role in the development of this condition.

The hyperinsulinemia which consists on high concentration of insulin in blood plasma turns out to be a risk factor independent from the appearance of ischemic heart disease; it helps to early appearance of diabetes and on its progress and it also contributes to the appearance of a variety of pathologies associated which are translated into factors of risk for cardiovascular pathologies.

Resistance against insulin is defined as a condition on which the quantities of insulin elaborated by the organism produce a reduced biological response, which means a reduction of the capacity for action of insulin on the metabolic control of glucose after meals. Along with the resistance against insulin comes a compensatory hyperinsulinemia which has been proven with the finding of high concentration of insulin on an empty stomach and after meals.

These days the resistance against insulin is considered as a responsible for most of the conditions present with this disease. For men who are suffering of erectile dysfunction it is important to have a medical check since on a clinical test for men affected by male impotence, forty three percent of them had also metabolic syndrome.

First step is to change life style and daily habits in order to have healthy routines and practices. Changes on life style will include loss of weight, regular physical activity like exercise routines, a healthy diet for the hearth which means removing calories for daily meals, and stop smoking. A number of other treatments may include some medication in order to control in a better way these factors of risk like hypertension and diabetes. Vimax is treatment highly recommended for patients with male impotence due to metabolic syndrome.

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