Male sexual health and decreased sexual desire

On men, from the age of fifty a dramatic and progressive decline of the production of male hormone (testosterone) takes place. When that decrement is excessive it triggers a lot of problems (irritability, decreased sexual activity and erection, osteoporosis and fatigue among others) which affect in a serious way the daily life of a man.

This excessive decline of testosterone is present on one man for each ten older than fifty years old and it can be treated adequately. To understand this problem in the very first place it is important to understand what male sexual health means. With the pass of the years, a man is affected by a variety of changes at hormonal level, on his prostate and on his body in general that affect his health and his life quality.

For the WHO (World Health Organization) sexual health is a state of physical, mental and saocial welfare on everything referent to sexuality.

There are clinical manifestations characteristic on this stage on the life a man, such as the following:

  • Decrease of sexual desire and activity, mainly of night time erections;
  • Decrease of the quality of an erection (rigidity).

The following manifestations are less common but still present some times on men over fifty years old:

  • A tendency to intellectual and physical exhaustion;
  • Changes and alterations on mood with a tendency to depression and bad temper;
  • A decrement on muscle mass and strength;
  • Decrement on body hair and alterations on skin;
  • Loss of density on bones with an increment on risk for osteoporosis disease and fractures;
  • An increment in visceral fat with abdominal obesity.

Simultaneously from the age of forty five years old, a progressive growth of the prostate takes place which makes mandatory to use the bathroom more times per day and with more difficulty. The decrease of sexual desire and the progressive prostate growth are related and they affect seriously the health of the individual as well as the quality of life. Therefore it is very important a complete study made by an urologist with enough experience on the field.

The excessive decrement on sexual activity is due fundamentally to a decrease on the production of the male hormone (testosterone). Testosterone is very important to maintain sexual activity, a good erection, intellectual and physical vigor, muscle mass, and bone mineralization among others.

Testosterone is produced on testicles, and they are governed by two glands which are located on the brain and they are the hypothalamus and pituitary. An excessive decrement of testosterone can be due to problems on testicles or on the hypothalamus. Alongside with the decrement of testosterone, with the pass of the years a decrement of growth hormone and melatonin also take place increasing the negative effects caused by low levels of testosterone.

A diagnosis for the decrement of testosterone is quite difficult since with the pass of the years other chronic conditions emerge causing confusion on the diagnostic.

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