Male sexual dysfunction and stress

Even the healthier men, in determined circumstances, can experience difficulties to have an erection firmly enough to have a satisfactory sexual intercourse. In the worst of the cases the individual is unable of having an erection at all, even though he is sexually stimulated. It has been estimated that about seven of each ten cases of male impotence are related to physical causes, but the other three cases are related to psychological causes such as anxiety, stress or depression.

How stress prevents you from having an erection?

Although it is unknown for many, daily stress can affect in a severe way the capacity for having an erection and to give and receive pleasure during the sexual intercourse. The stress intensifies the production of adrenaline which as very well known hormone for its properties to inhibit the erectile process.

Besides the stress decreases the level of nitric oxide which works as a muscle relaxer. Besides, on a person who is under too much stress, the nerve impulses constrict muscles and blood vessels on the surrounding areas of the penis, hindering the entrance of blood. If the penis does not receive the adequate amount of blood during the stage of arousal, the man finds as impossible the occurrence of an erection.

The multiplying effect of stress

The sense of anger, guilt, depression or the lack of self confidence are some of the factors that are part of the emotional stress which contribute to a decrement of sexual desire. When this type of feelings comes up it is much more difficult to feel the right motivation to have sexual intercourse.

Millions of men are anxious because they do not feel capable enough to providing their partners a pleasant sexual experience. The initial fear at the beginning of the sexual encounter is enough to emotionally prevent on the man the occurrence of an erection each time he has the opportunity of a sexual encounter. What usually happens is that his concern about his sexual performance does not allow him to get relaxed, turning the whole situation into a vicious cycle.

Depression and impotence

The depression is considered as one of the strongest inhibitors of the erections, since it can be the cause as the consequence of the difficulty for having an erection. There is no doubt that certain levels of circumstantial stress can trigger a wide variety of side effects on the life of an individual in addition to a low quality sexual performance such as tachycardia, insomnia and behavioral problems.

Besides, stress and depression affect in a very negative way sexual life of men, since it has been found that about forty percent of men with ages over the forty years of age are suffering of erectile problems due to stress and depression. When the impotence occurs as a consequence of stress, in a natural way the affected individual begins to get depressed, however at this point it is important to remember that there are treatments for impotence.

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