How Vimax Extender Works

Vimax Extender can be easily used on a daily basis; it has been designed for the facility of use and the comfort of the user. Vimax Extender is the basic solution to increase the size of penis; it has been manufactured with medical light materials which makes it the less expensive alternative and easy to carry.

Vimax Extender works based on the principle of traction which applied in a progressive and gradual way over the structure of the penis can promote a development of the tissues on the penis; it can promote the development of the corpora cavernosa, the suspensory ligament and the rest of the tissues. The principle of traction is applied on a plastic surgery which is employed to cover cutaneous imperfections, burnings or bald areas.

A ring is placed around the base of the penis and a plastic support is fixed around the head of the penis. There are two dynamic metal bars which apply a variable tension and which are manually adjusted by the user of the Vimax Extender. The Vimax Extender has been especially designed to adapt itself to the needs of every man and to every size of penis. Vimax Extender has been designed by a doctor known as Jorn Ege Siana who is a prestigious plastic surgeon and who has presented complete studies related to this device on the first international symposium about genitourinary reconstructive surgery.

Gain length with a professional device

As an average result after using Vimax Extender it was registered an increment of about three inches on an erect penis. In average it has been registered an increment of two inches of length on a penis in a flaccid state. It is important at this point to recommend men to use this medical device especially designed by professionals instead of a device made at home which can become dangerous and give as a result a permanent disfiguration on your penis and therefore a detriment on your sexual life.

You do not need to complement the use of the device with any exercise or additional treatments, however if you wish you can speed and enhance the results provided by this device combining this treatment with natural supplements for male enhancement like Vimax pills. The results provided by Vimax Extender are permanent; therefore your penis won’t recover its old length even if you stop using the device.

Vimax Extender safety has been clinically tested, it is completely painless. This device has been designed to be very discrete, therefore it cannot be observed under your clothes, in this way you can carry it in public while you take care of your usual activities. Vimax Extender will increase both length and girth of your penis through traction to help to natural capacities of organism to adapt itself due to physical influence. If one part of the body is constantly exposed the elongation, then the cells of that area begin to divide themselves which is translated in an increment of tissue mass and the enlargement takes place.

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