How tobacco can cause male sexual impotence

It is very well known by most of the people that tobacco affects seriously the health of the smoker and the health of those who surround him. It is not easy to forget that every time that we inhale the smoke of cigarette we increase our possibilities of being affected by health problems related with heart and lungs like cancer, but in addition there are other consequences associated to the habit of smoking which can pass as unnoticed.

The habit of smoking can produce male sexual impotence and seriously affect the sexual performance of the couple. If heart and lung problems are not enough persuasion for you, then maybe seeing your sexual life threatened by the cigarette will make you change your mind.

How smoking and the cigarette can affect your sexual life

The normality of sexual performance depends on the correct synchronization of the nervous system, penis blood vessels and hormones. Smoking can affect these systems and as result hinder the occurrence of a durable and hard erection as it would happen in a healthy man when he is sexually stimulated.

Men who smoke have more risk of developing impotence due to the hardening and narrowing of the arteries. It can be due to the reduction of blood flow which in turn produces a minor supply of oxygen to the whole organism, including the penis. If the penis cannot receive the right amount of blood during erotic stimulation then the individual will be unable to experience an erection. Smoking constitutes a risk even for the passive smoker, since the inhalation of smoke of “second hand” can have incidence over sexual performance and cause male sexual impotence.

Smoking and male sexual impotence

Studies made regarding the effects of tobacco on the human being have revealed concerning conclusions which should not be ignored. In one of these studies, experts have found the following:

  • Men who smoke more than twenty cigarettes every day have sixty percent more probabilities of suffering an erectile dysfunction, compared with men who never smoke;
  • Men who smoke in a habitual way have thirty percent more probabilities of suffering male sexual impotence;
  • Tobacco is the cause for male sexual impotence in more than one hundred and twenty million of men on United States with an age included on the interval from thirty to forty nine years of age.

It is not known yet if men who have quit smoking can still develop male sexual impotence or any kind of sexual dysfunction. The results provided by studies carried regarding the effects of cigarette over sexual performance suggest that impotence does not fully disappear once it has emerged at least in one occasion. However, there is evidence of men who quit smoking and still have the chances of enjoying a healthy and satisfactory sexual life.

As soon as the person gets to quit the cigarette he will have more chances of preventing permanent damages on his organism and maintaining an optimal performance.

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