Sexual health is a very important component of emotional and physical state of any person. Achievements and failures on sexual sphere affect in the same way the general welfare, therefore men affected by sexual problems are prone to be affected by a variety of conditions. A concern comprised among the most important sexual issues among men is the erectile dysfunction which is also known as male impotence.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that prevents the achievement of a strong erection in order to allow the entrance of the penis inside the vagina to start sexual intercourse. The erection process begins when during sexual arousal the arteries located inside the penis, which are responsible for leading the blood to cavernous and spongy tissue, are expanded when at the same time veins are stretched. Blood gets accumulated therefore triggering the erection.

In the case of erectile dysfunction blood does not reach genitals thus it is impossible to get an optimal erection for sexual intercourse. This kind of problem does not affect only the sexual aspect; it also affects the emotional state of a man, work and social interaction can be seriously affected by this condition.

The term “erectile dysfunction” replaced the term “impotence” for two reasons; in the very first place they have a different meaning since erectile dysfunction stands for a temporal incapacity of achieving an erection. Disorders related to erectile function can happen at any time and, in theory a man affected by these problems can overcome them in a very short time. Impotence is the last stage of the disorder of erectile dysfunction on which a man is totally incapable of reach an erection.

In the second place “impotence” stands for an unpleasant meaning since it is used in a derogatory way to refer to erectile dysfunction. Since a great part of the male population around the world is affected by this condition, the term “erectile dysfunction” seems to be more appropriate.

  • More than fifty percent of man older than forty years old are affected by erectile dysfunction;
  • More than one hundred and fifty millions of men around the world, among them twenty millions of Europeans and thirty millions of Americans are affected by erectile dysfunction;
  • One of each group of ten men older than twenty one years old are affected by disturbances due to erectile dysfunction;
  • A total impotence can be found on five percent of male population with ages over forty years old and on fifteen percent of men with ages over seventy.

Around ninety five percent of cases can be treated with the proper medication. Erectile dysfunction can be treated at any age. More and more men are seeking help and they have come back to having normal sexual activity thanks to advanced and effective treatments for erectile dysfunction. One of the most effective treatments approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is Vimax, a treatment one hundred percent natural formulated with natural ingredients.

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