Diabetes and erection problems

Diabetes is a set of metabolic disorders which affects different organs and tissues; it has no cure and is characterized by an increment of the levels of glucose on blood. It can be triggered by different disorders being the most important the lack of production of the insulin hormone, secreted by Beta cells located on the endocrine pancreas. Diabetes can also be triggered by a misuse of the insulin hormone which affects the metabolism of the organism.

The excessive emission of urine is one of the symptoms that indicate the presence of diabetes along with other symptoms such as abnormal increase in the need to eat, fatigue, changes in visual acuity, increased thirst and lose of weight without an apparent cause. The absence of menstruation on women, and impotence among men are less common symptoms for diabetes, but not less important.

There are different types of diabetes due to different causes and with different incidence. Almost one hundred seventy one million of people are affected by this disease around the world. Acute complications associated to this condition such as ketoacidosis or hypoglycemia, are a consequence of an inadequate control of the disease, while on the other hand chronic complications such as neuropathies, retinopathies and nephropathies are a direct consequence of the progress of the disease.

A reason why impotence is one of the complications related to diabetes is that it can damage nerves, erectile tissue, and small blood vessels on the penis:

  • Damage on the erectile tissue will not allow the muscular fibbers to relax adequately, thus penis vessels are unable to fill up with blood;
  • Damage on nerves diminishes sensitivity on penis and less signaling is sent from the penis to the brain, which makes difficult to achieve and maintain the erection;
  • Damage on blood vessels will prevent them from filling with blood.

Anyone who has diabetes and suspects that sexual problems are due to this condition should have a doctor’s appointment immediately. The doctor can corroborate if there are alterations on blood vessels or on nervous system. In some occasions these signs will require special attention for themselves. Doctor can also check if any medication prescribed for diabetes is also responsible for erectile problems or impotence.

Fortunately treatment for erectile dysfunction on diabetes has been improved considerably. The first step is to identify the problem and the possible cause for it.

The treatment for diabetes intents to restore normal glycemic levels, there are a lot of recommendations related to changes that are required on life style in order to help the treatment to achieve its goal, among them a healthy diet, a lot of exercise, and constant medical control. As for the treatment for sexual impotence and erectile dysfunction, there is a very effective treatment known as Vimax which can improve your sexual performance without needing additional measures and in a healthy and safety way. Vimax is a natural herbal formula designed to enhance sexual performance and fight against sexual impotence.

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