Causes of sexual problems

It is important to get to know the causes for sexual problems in order to be able to prevent them or find an adequate solution for each type of problem. In general terms, the sources for many sexual problems can be grouped considering certain factors that predispose the individual to suffer with any type of sexual dysfunction.

Relationship problems

In our culture, sexuality is intimately related to emotional aspects, in a way that members of couples who live in a constant conflict are usually affected by one or more sexual dysfunctions. It is also very common the case on which one of the members is affected by a sexual alteration, and after a while the other member begins to experience sexual problems too, that is the case for premature ejaculation which produces in time a lack of desire in the woman, in turn this lack of desire decreases even more the quality of the sexual performance of her partner.

Hormonal problems

Some studies indicate that about fifty percent of sexual problems are the result of hormonal alterations, which can be easily solver with specific treatments, which is the case of conditions which affect the performance of the thyroid gland or the case of diabetes among others.

Formation of the individual

The psychological formation received by the individual during childhood and adolescence plays a very important role on the sexual performance. An individual who has grown surrounded by a variety of inhibitions, in the adult stage is unable to get rid of those negative concepts and therefore enjoy a healthy and pleasant sexual life.

Technique problems

There couple members who have no experience or abilities with the details that are required to have a satisfactory and pleasant sexual encounter, for instance the couples who have sex after the whole bunch of activities of the day, in that case both members are so tired at the end of the day and have no energy to dedicate it to the foreplay which in most of the cases increases the excitement before beginning sexual intercourse. There is also the case of couples who do not even turn off the TV and during sexual intercourse their attention is focused on the TV shows.

Drug Addiction

Maybe one of the most underestimated problems is the addiction of a wide variety of drugs. There are many people who succumb to these toxics and therefore sexuality becomes very affected in a negative way by these toxics. The alcoholism decreases the quality of male sexual performance, in addition in very rare cases is pleasant to have sex with an alcoholic.

Pharmaceutical products

It is very common for most of the people to not to be informed about the characteristics and possible side effects associated to the medicines they take even for many years. There are a lot of pharmaceutical drugs which can produce a variety of sexual problems like alterations of the erectile function, a diminution on sexual appetite, and ejaculatory problems among other disorders.

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