Causes for male sexual dysfunction

Male sexual dysfunction also known as erectile dysfunction is a problem that no man wants to have on his life and yet it afflicts a lot of members of male population and becomes into a ghost that haunts every single couple. It has been commonly named as erectile dysfunction to the incapacity of having sexual intercourse due to inability of reaching or maintaining an erection strong enough for vaginal penetration.

It is the incapacity of reaching or maintaining an erection more than twenty percent of the time. Erectile dysfunction is a nightmare that affects millions and millions of members of male population. There used to be the belief that this problem was because of psychological causes, however in these days clinical studies have revealed that eighty to ninety percent of the cases of male impotence are produced by problems of physical type normally related with the blood supply to the penis. A lot of medical progresses have been made in the diagnosis as in the treatment of this terrible condition known as erectile dysfunction.

Below are listed some types of erectile dysfunction and the possible sources for each of them:

Premature Ejaculation

It is a condition characterized by the inability of keeping an erection for enough time to reach a mutual satisfaction, and it can be divided in two stages:

  • Primary premature ejaculation; it is a behavior characteristic of the beginning of an active sexual life for the man, just as with other behaviors it can also be modified. This type of premature ejaculation is also known as psychogenic impotence (which is the opposite of physical or organic). There is a condition which is a sub group of primary premature ejaculation caused by a venous leak on which the venous drainage system of the penis cannot get closed properly;
  • Secondary premature ejaculation; it takes place when after too much time of a proper sexual performance, the duration of sexual intercourse gets shortened in a progressive way. This type of premature ejaculation is due to physical sources which generally affect veins or arteries inside the penis, or even both of them at the same time.

Anxiety for performance

When a man is stressed and feels concerned about his sexual performance, fearing that he won’t be able to please properly his partner, then an impotence of the psychogenic type takes place.


It is another impotence of the psychogenic type which also affects sexual performance, not only because the mood of the person affects a lot to his sexual performance but also because some medications used to treat it like some antidepressants may trigger erectile dysfunction.

Organic or physiological impotence

This type of impotence affects arteries and veins inside the penis and it is the most frequent source for impotence, especially on men with an age over the fifties. If the problem affects arteries, it is usually produced by a condition known as arteriosclerosis, although another cause for it could be a strain on the arteries. Risk factors for arteriosclerosis are easy to control: not have enough physical activity, excess weight, high cholesterol, cigarette smoking and high blood pressure. Special cares should be taken for prevention.

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