Causes and consequences for male sexual impotence

The impotence constitutes a dark episode on the life of a man who as unable to have or maintain an erection, this condition prevents the individual from having a satisfactory sexual life. Physicians use very often the term of sexual dysfunction to reference this kind of impotence and to difference it from other problems which hinder a more pleasurable sexual life such as the lack of desire and ejaculation problems. Only a man who has been affected by this condition knows how terrible the experience can be and the negative incidence it can produce over the life of the individual and his partner.

Male sexual impotence may imply a partial or a complete incapacity for having and maintaining an erection, or it can also imply an irregular capacity to have an erection and a tendency of maintaining only brief erections. Due to these variations it is a little bit difficult defining the degree of severity of the problem.

Experts assert that about from ten to fifty millions of men in the United States are affected by this condition. Many times the male sexual impotence has a physical cause like a disease or a lesion or the collateral effects produced by certain medicines. Any disorder with the capacity of decreasing blood flow in the penis can cause impotence. The incidence of this condition is incremented proportionally to the age of the individuals: about five percent of men with ages between forty years and fifty years are affected by impotence and about twenty five percent of men with ages over the sixty five years of age. Therefore, impotence may be an inevitable part of ageing.

Male impotence can be treated on every individual, independently of the age, and the knowledge of this fact became a real relief for men who have been tormented by the negative effects produced by impotence on their sexual lives. More and more men are looking for the right help for this problem have recovered their sexual arousal and stamina with the help of natural treatments like those released by Vimax.

An erection is produced when the internal chambers of the penis known as corpora cavernosa are filled with blood, and the erection begins in the presence of mental and sensory stimulation, the impulses of the brain and local nerves produce relaxation on the tissues of the corpora cavernosa which allows the entrance of blood on open spaces inside these structures; then blood creates pressure inside these structures producing an increment of size and hardness on the penis.

The most common cause for male impotence is a damage of the arteries, the smooth muscle and the fibrous tissue which are part of the penile structure; these lesions are very often the result of a lesion or of a disease. In such cases a treatment of tissue regeneration is recommended, for instance Vimax pills provide all the required nutrients and elements to the body in order to promote the regeneration of tissues.

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