Benefits of increasing penis length

A very important concern among men is the size of their penis, it has been said that at least fifty percent of the satisfaction a man can provide to his sexual partner depends on the size of the penis. Fifteen centimeters is considered the minimum size required for a penis to produce pleasurable sensations on sex, but the size of the penis may vary depending on many factors, one of them is the ethnic origin.

Statistically the following sizes have been revealed:

  • Size of erect penis on eastern men: 10 to 14 centimeters of length and 3 centimeters of girth;
  • Size of erect penis on Caucasian men: 14 to 15.2 centimeters of length and 3.5 centimeters of girth;
  • Size of erect penis on African men: 16 to 20 centimeters of length and 5 centimeters of girth.

According to these results it is clearly justified the reputation that precedes African men in relation with penis size. More and more men are paying attention to the size of their penis in order to look for the right treatment to increase the size of it if it is required. Increasing the size of the penis then is not just a physical amendment but the strengthening of the sensation of being a man. A penis size increment can be helpful for an individual and provide a variety of benefits. Penis size can be decomposed in to important measures: penis length and penis girth.

One of the benefits is an increment of the length of the penis is the self confidence, although some years ago women magazines used to publish female opinion about penis size claiming that size wasn’t really important, in these days women have become more frank and sincere and they are confessing that most of them would be happier with a partner with a bigger penis.

Another point of having a big penis is that each man considers it as a sign of his masculinity, men feel proud and more capable of pleasing a woman if the size of their penis is above the average size.

Also increasing the girth of the penis has its own benefits; in fact this might be the most important penis measure for a woman. Men are mainly concerned about the length, while on the other hand women consider that a penis with a bigger circumference can provide them more sexual pleasure. Penis girth is more popular among women because a thicker penis can be stretched and reach clitoral or anal walls stimulating in a natural way nerve endings. Women are capable to reach the climax faster if the penis stimulates the clitoris and walls at the same time.

A massage made with thicker penis on vagina walls also helps to stimulate the G point and other sensitive areas in an easier and effective way. It does not only increase sexual pleasure on the woman but it also pleases the man. Therefore self esteem on a man is increased.

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