A healthy lifestyle and a pleasurable sexual life

Keeping a healthy lifestyle, having a healthy diet and a daily exercise routine will increase your probabilities of having a nice and long lasting life with a pleasurable and active sexual life. For a healthy man it is recommended to have a exercise routine of at least 30 minutes per day and at least five days for each week in order to reduce the risks for chronic conditions.

Erectile dysfunction and exercise

  • Increase muscular mass;
  • Reduce fat around the waist (lipohypertrophy);
  • Decrease bad cholesterol levels (decrease LDL);
  • Increase good cholesterol (HDL) levels;
  • Decrease triglycerides;
  • It helps to control sugar levels on blood;
  • Strengthening of bones (it helps to prevent conditions on bones);
  • Strengthening of immune system;
  • Decrement of stress;
  • Provide you more energy throughout the day.

From the benefits listed probably the most important for a healthy sexual life are the reduction of bad cholesterol levels and the extra supply of energy. If bad cholesterol is reduced the chances for a cardiac disease are also reduced and a healthy heart is a key element to enjoy a pleasurable sexual life. The extra supply of energy will help you to please your partner at any time; fatigue is one of worst enemies of erection. A good type of exercise would be aerobic exercise since it increases heart rate and strengthens the heart and at the same it burns fat increasing resistance, therefore you will get used to employ your energy without getting tired. A list of recommended aerobic exercises would be:

  • Swimming;
  • Bicycling;
  • Brisk walking;
  • Climbing stairs.

Erectile dysfunction and diet

Excess of weight and erectile dysfunction: overweight implies serious health risks related to certain diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. At the same time these conditions increase the chances for the individual to suffer from erectile dysfunction. The first step is talk with your doctor, some clinical tests may be required in order to have a clear diagnosis and choose an appropriate exercise program and diet changes.

It is very important to have a balanced diet with a wide variety of vegetables, fish and fruits; it will help you to keep an adequate weight and will supply you with enough vitamins and nutrients necessary for a proper functioning of the organism. Also it is important to ingest the minimum quantity of alcohol; it will help you to fight erectile dysfunction.

Generally, our diet is filled saturated fats which are mostly animal fats; they give place to fat deposits on the blood vessels walls, they increase the risk for heart diseases and they can also lead to an erectile dysfunction.

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